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Get an unbeatable price quote on your new Sundance Fifth Wheel RVs today from the leading Sundance dealer in nation

Lakeshore RV is a leading supplier of Sundance Fifth Wheel. We specialize in giving customers a great price and exceptional value for their purchase. We carry BigHorn, Big Country and Elk Ridge Extreme Lite models and with our national and international sales we are offering more daily.

Heartland Sundance Fifth Wheel models available from our Michigan RV dealership include: Big Country 3070RE; 3150RL; 3251TS; 3450TS; 3510RL; 3596RE; 3650RL; 3950FB. Bighorn 3010RE; 3875FB; Elk Ridge Xtreme Light E22.
2011 Bighorn 3585RL Exterior Photo

Bighorn 3585RL 5th Wheel Check out this great Bighorn 3585RL 5th Wheel. This 38' 0" 5th Wheel has slides and can sleep 4 people. It has a

VIN: 217929
Condition: Used
Weight: 12480 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3160EL Floor Plan Img

This RV is easy to tow with a hitch weight of 2095 lbs. Its GVWR is lbs, so you'll head out for adventure and fun whenever you choose in your

VIN: BI9340
Condition: New
Weight: 12185 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3370EL Floor Plan Img

You're closer than you think to owning your own 2020 Heartland Bighorn 3370EL 5th Wheel from Lakeshore RV Center! We're the #1 RV dealer in

VIN: BI0289
Condition: New
Weight: lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3850ML Floor Plan Img

Checkoff every place you want to visit on your bucket list with the 2020 Heartland Bighorn 3850ML! This 5th Wheel was built for the long haul, and

VIN: BI8797
Condition: New
Weight: 13955 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3870FB Floor Plan Img

Bring this New 2020 Heartland Bighorn 3870FB to the campground for extra fun and comfort! Customer satisfaction reigns high at Lakeshore RV Center,

VIN: BI3287
Condition: New
Weight: 13955 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3871FBO Floor Plan Img

See why Lakeshore RV Center is the number one Michigan RV dealer when you browse through our massive inventory! You'll find the nation's lowest

VIN: BI7428
Condition: New
Weight: 14265 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3925MLP Floor Plan Img

Visit Lakeshore RV Center to find the nation's lowest prices on top quality RV brands! Our excellent customer service and easy financing are part

VIN: BI9972
Condition: New
Weight: 14335 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3950FL Floor Plan Img

If you've got your eye on the 2020 Heartland Bighorn 3950FL 5th Wheel then Lakeshore RV Center in Muskegon is the RV dealer for you! We have the

VIN: BI8458
Condition: New
Weight: 15035 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn 3980RRD Floor Plan Img

Admit it. You've dreamed of owning your own 5th Wheel for a long time. Here at Lakeshore RV Center, we want you to reach your dream! There's no

VIN: BI1153
Condition: New
Weight: 14102 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn Traveler 32CK Floor Plan Img

At Lakeshore RV Center, you'll enjoy the nation's lowest prices on top quality RV brands! Our affordable prices, easy financing, and excellent

VIN: BI2492
Condition: New
Weight: 12630 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn Traveler 32RS Floor Plan Img

Bring the family together with a trip in the 2020 Heartland Bighorn Traveler 32RS! At Lakeshore RV Center, we strive for exceptional customer

VIN: BI2114
Condition: New
Weight: 11925 lbs.
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2020 Bighorn Traveler 37SS Floor Plan Img

The reliable 2020 Heartland Bighorn Traveler 37SS 5th Wheel is loaded with wonderful amenities and camping essentials! You'll save thousands on

VIN: BI7803
Condition: New
Weight: 12905 lbs.
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